Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Kindness

Do you have your Christmas shopping done?  If your like me, you don’t and you don’t really want to go out to the mall.  I live in a city (Boise, Idaho) where the greater area population is close to 400,000 people and we have one mall.  Can you believe that?  At this time of year you don’t even want to go near there!!!

So, how about we make our trip to the mall a dual purpose.  Let’s spread some kindness while we’re shopping.  Just before Thanksgiving, the Brave Girls Club issued a Words of Kindness Challenge.  What better time to spread truth and kindness than during the holiday season. 

Please click on the picture to read all about it but I’ll give you a synopsis. 

Print out these messages and pass them out while you are shopping.  You won’t believe the responses you get.  When I see someone walking down the isle, obviously preoccupied, I’ll hand them one of these beautiful truths.  You can see in there eyes that it was just the thing the needed to make there day.

Now, listen to this message by Melody Ross, co-founder of the Brave Girls Club.

Plus, I love this video of a family spreading words of kindness.  Watch it all the way through—that last kid is great!!!

Kindness Challenge

You can do this too!!!


Now, go forth and spread some kindness!!!

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