Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Jewelry Tutorial

Hi!  Christine here.  I’m  sharing a tutorial from my own blog today.  I posted this earlier this week in conjunction with the Paper Maniac Inspiration blog for whom on the design team.  Links will take you to the Paper Maniac store.


I love the new fashion of these drop charm necklaces and decided to make one with some Tim Holtz Idea-ology pieces.

completed neclace


Supply List

supply listI decided to use various items from the Tim Holtz Idea-ology line.

  1. Salvage Stickers—Crowded Attic—so many things to choose from in this beautiful book.
  2. Word Sticks—I love adding inspirational words to my projects.
  3. Facets—these are gorgeous and really give the piece a professional look.
  4. Type Charms—I just had to include my initial!
  5. Swivel Clasps—this item is what started the whole thing.  Ever since I first saw these clasps, I’ve wanted to make a piece of jewelry with them.
  6. Sprocket Gears—love these but the piece ended up without it.
  7. Word Keys—more words but on a beautiful key!
  8. Philosophy Tags—and even more words.

Items not pictured:

  1. Clear packing tape
  2. Ranger Matte Accents
  3. Paper piercing tool
  4. Other various jewelry supplies


Assemble Type Charm

type key 1The Type Charms come with all of the alphabet letters and a little adhesive bubble for each of the charms.

type key 2type key 3

 All you need to do is add your initial and then put the bubble on top of that.


Create Facets Charm

50s lady 1I chose this lovely 50s lady out of the Salvage Stickers—Crowded Attic booklet to use for my charm.  You can use any type of paper you would like to create your charm.

50s lady 2I wanted to add a little color so I colored her simply with my Copics.  This is where you need the packing tape.  This particular paper is a sticker.  Turn your paper over and apply a piece of packing tape to the back.  The packing tape will add some stability and strength to the charm.

50s lady 3Using Matte or Glossy Accents (I think Glossy Accents would be a better choice), apply some to the entire back side of the charm.  I did this on the reverse side of the Facets packaging so that I had the charm on something stable so I could move it out of the way into a safe place to dry.  For me, this is very important.  I’ve ruined more than one piece before it’s dry. 

50s lady 4I put this lovely lady aside to dry overnight.  Trim around the charm.  I used Tim Holtz Tonic Studios Scissors.  You will also need to pierce a hole in the top of the facet.  I took photos of these steps but when I checked my camera, they were gone.  Sometimes when the battery is low on my camera, the photos aren’t saved.


Assemble the Drop Charm

I took photos of this step as well but they went missing!

open neclaceI decided to add the items with color onto the Swivel Clasp so that I could change things up depending on the outfit.  I added the remaining pieces to the chain on the Swivel Clasp

When I make a drop charm I like to add it using an alligator clasp so I can attach it to any necklace I want.  This one contains silver, copper and gold so I will be able to use any antiqued color chain I would like.

completed neclaceSo, what do you think this necklace would cost at the department store?  Here’s a breakdown of what it cost me to make.

I had these supplies on hand.  The price of each is negligible.

  • Other various jewelry supplies
  • Clear packing tape
  • Ranger Matte Accents
  • Other various jewelry supplies

That’s a total of $3.28.  You definitely wouldn't be able to purchase it for that and this one is customized to my own artsy tastes.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.  Now go make some jewelry for yourself!!!




Wendy said...

That is the cutest thing ever!!

a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

Thank you for sharing this tutorial and a link to all the items you used. This is very pretty and a great gift to share or even keep for oneself.

Thanks for sharing

Happy crafting