Monday, November 26, 2012

Charity Wings Live Online Crafting Demos at Saturday Crafts Fair !


That’s right – we’ve got a “booth” at Linqto’s new Saturday Crafts Fair and we want you to join us!  Every Saturday from 3 to 5 pm Eastern, Linqto will be holding an online craft fair with multiple “booths” to visit in each time slot.  Our time is from 4-5 pm Eastern on Saturday December 1, 8, 15, and 22, and we’ll be having a variety of guests there including Lisa Fulmer, Susan Brown, Cyn Gagen, our very own Elena Lai Etcheverry, and more to help share in the fun!  During our time slot, you can head on over to the landing page for the Saturday Crafts Fair and choose the Charity Wings Parlor.  

iPad Mini Giveaway

Did I mention that Linqto is providing us with some swag to giveaway?  During each one of the shows, we’ll be drawing for a $50 Michaels gift card. AND there’s a grand prize of an iPad Mini being giving to one lucky recipient!  Look for the link to enter the giveaway on the main landing page for the craft fair.   If you have any problems entering the “booths” or with any other technical issues, look on the main landing page for the “tech support room” where a Linqto service rep will be on hand to answer your questions and assist you.

You can find out more on the Saturday Crafts Fair Facebook Page and the event page.  Invite your friends and come have some fun with us!  

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