Friday, March 18, 2011

Chipboard Border Trim Tutorial

Today's tutorial comes from a very talented reader from the "land down under" - 

Nancy Winter wrote about how she first learned of Charity Wings and how we "almost" got the chance to meet her!

I was first introduced to Charity Wings or Scrapbook Royalty as it was when I first came into contact with them, when we travelled to America a few years ago.  They were hosting the most fabulous class that I had ever seen.  I am fairly sure I saw the advertisement  in one of their stores websites, (so sorry but I can not remember the name, but it may have been Scrappin in the Hills or Ever After Scrapbooking)  but I was SO disappointed that I would have to miss out due to our travel dates not being in synchronisation with it. 

The sheer "Princess Like" qualities the organisation dazzled me (like the true magpie that I am)(this is an Australian bird that loves glittery things for their nests, if you didn't know).  All the bling and "Royalty" of it completely mesmerized me and still does.

Doesn't she sound great?!  I sure hope we get the chance to have Nancy back in the states again so we can all meet her!

The tutorial she is sharing with us is a beautiful chipboard border trim posted on her very pretty blog:

The Dusty AtticTreasure Box Tutorial

 Dusty Attic Fancy Trim #3 DA0469
Jo Sonja’s Titanium White Paint

Step 1.
Measure the required border and cut from scrap paper.

Step 2.
Place the Decorative Trim around the edges of the paper with double sided tape.

Step 3.
Cut into the corners.  Remove excess and align the corners.

Step 4.
Using a make up sponge to squeeze the paint into the inner parts of the chipboard, gives exceptional coverage without the paint becoming blobby as the sponge soaks up the excess paint, giving a perfect coverage every time.  Depending on the depth of colour that you are going for, this method may be applied many times to get the desired result.

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful frame and you will love This Lady if you ever get to meet her, I sure do :)