Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's featured artist is Cheryl Waters - Vintage Bday Banner

When I was relatively new to Charity Wings, I participated in a Live from CHA webcast.  During the webcast, I was able to not only see some of the cool new products coming to stores, I was also introduced to some really cool people.

One of those people was Cheryl Waters, a Fiskateer and Brave Girl Extradinaire!

So it is my pleasure to share one of her cool projects - a vintage birthday banner.  With graduation parties, father's day, summer fun...I know that this project will come in handy for many of us!  

Cheryl is also pulling together a little giveway, so check back for an update on what the goodies and how to enter to win.


I shared a little while ago that I am a May baby and my landmark day was May 9th.  Let’s just say I’m in the over forty club.  I had a lot of lovely wishes from friends, family and fiskateers!  Thank you so much.  They meant a great deal.

Also in May my husband’s birthday is celebrated (the day after mine), my sister’s on the 14th and my cousin’s on the 30th.  We sure have a lot of celebrating in our family!

So whether you’re a May baby or not . . . join me this coming Saturday for a fun filled on-line birthday bash with special guests, ideas, prizes and eats.

Bday Banner tutorial 2.jpg

So let’s get started planning and preparing for the party by announcing your party with a vintage type banner.  It’s super simple, elegant, inexpensive and easy.  Whether it’s a banner to be used inside or out . . . here’s a simple way to create your own.

What you’ll need:
The How to:
1. Print on an image of an old dictionary page or newspaper type of patterned paper.  Then put those back into your printer.
Bday Banner tutorial 9.jpg

2. Print desired letters using a favorite font . . . one character per page.  Remember your font size should be large and make sure to center the letter in the middle of your page b going to page preview in Microsoft Word.

  Bday Banner tutorial 7.jpgBday banner tutorial 3.jpg

3. Using your Fiskars Paper Edgers . . . whether scalloped, mini pinking, or Victorian . . . cut the top of your page/letter.

4.  Using your Fiskars micro tip scissors cut the page into a pendant shape by simply cutting from each corner towards the center until you have a pendant shaped page/letter.

Bday Banner tutorial 5.jpg

5. Punch holes near the top of your page/letter and thread with ribbon or string.  Use string especially if you’re using a small hole punch.  If you know your banner will be in the sun and outside, simply add some Mod Podge (front and back to seal) to allow it to withstand the weather a bit better.  Easy peasy and cute.

Bday Banner tutorial 10.jpgBday Banner tutorial9.jpg

6.  Keep it simple and plain or add little elements like flowers or this Fisk-a-girlie I made.  I’ll be sharing the how to and a few more ideas for these little fisk-girlies that can add a sweet touch to your party.

Bday Banner tutorial 8.jpgBday Banner tutorial 21.jpg

7.  After your party is over . . . you can hang it in your crafting area.

Bday banner tutorial.jpg

There you have it . . . a nice little banner to announce your party and that’s what it’s going to be this week and on Saturday.  So stay tuned.  Don’t forget . . . Celebrate Anything!


Donna Woods said...

I LOVE this project - it is perfectly adorable!

Rosalee said...

Fabulous Banner. So wonderful to see Cheryl's work being featured here on Charity Wings. She is an awesome Lead over at
Hugs, Rosalee

Maxine Hodges said...
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Maxine Hodges said...

Cheryl is such a sweet and talented person. Her talent can make even a simple project look like a piece of art! She is an amazing fiskateer lead and a wonderful person!

allYson said...

Great banner! I would have never thought of that! Thank you Cheryl.

mindy gallagher said...

That's a great project! I never even thought of using my punches like that! Thanks f0r the idea!!! :D

gsandoval said...

cute designs, would love to try!

Betsy said...

This project is so pretty! Cheryl is amazing!

Cyndi Loo Designs said...

Beautiful banner! Thank you for sharing.

RollerScrapper said...

Great banner, could you also just print directly on pages ripped from an old book? Or are they too small?

JenniferAnn said...

Wow! What great ingenuity! You are brilliant! This is definitely an addition to my creative to do list!! TFS!

Krazy Krafter said...

That is adorable, Cheryl! I love the idea of printing on the dictionary-patterned paper.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

this is sooooo cute. and easy! love it!

Sheila H said...

Wow! This is a great project!