Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giving Back through ART: Jenny Doh

Artist Jenny Doh of CRESCENDoh! is committed to giving back through ART.

Through her website and ART SAVES program, Jenny is helping  

Jenny writes:
"I have been deeply inspired by Sheena Matheiken's The Uniform Project ( Artist Cynthia Shaffer has designed and created a uniform inspired by the project that I pledge to wear for one full year, until Valentine's Day 2013, to bring attention to the world's water crisis, and to join countless others who are finding ways to mend, alter, make, and make do."
Read Jenny's full post here. Jenny also has a Fundraiser page here.  Her goal is to raise $5000 during this year long awareness campaign.

How do you give back through your ART? Tell us about it here, and please help by sharing Jenny's blog post and donating through her blog.

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Scrapin Kat said...

Oh My what a girl! I find this so positive after my day explaining to the water dept staff why they should have a RED Flag on the billing system when you use 35K of water! So great to see young people working for a better world!