Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Tea Cart from Jackie Adkins

I met Elena about three years ago at a scrapbook retreat where she hosted a silent auction. I was already aware of Scrapbook Royalty/Charity Wings and have been following online ever since. I think it's such a unique idea to blend crafts and charity. The chance to "sample" various organizations is a good idea, then if you want to (I did) you can do more for a particular charity if you want.


I joined Club TLC last January with the idea in mind that I want to meet creative people and get my own creative juices flowing. I enjoy the donation/volunteer ideas and the chance to participate in CHA and other events like the tent party from home.

teacart2 teacart3

Recently Elena needed someone to pick up a tea cart that turned out not to be too far from me so I was happy to help out. I also painted it which was a fun project and I hope the cart gets used a lot in Fairy Fly-bys and more!

Jackie Adkins

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