Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do you know someone with Breast Cancer?

Hi, it's Elena, founder of Charity Wings.  I meant to post this on my personal blog but it accidentally posted here.  I think it was meant to be here to show you that we are real people doing real things for real reasons. Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to read this post.

 I forget how many people I have met with breast cancer.  It's a lot.  Too many to count.  But it is suddenly really in my face right now because of one of my dearest friends and the way she is LIVING HER CANCER JOURNEY OUT LOUD!

This is my dear friend Cheryl.

As you can see, I love her to pieces and have spent so many fun times with her.

A few weeks ago she called to tell me about a weird thing in her boob. She didnt know what it was so the doctors tested it and it came back with weird results.  I know this is now what she said exactly but my pea brain that was in denial only heard this.

Then she called me a few days later, or maybe it was a week and told me., "I HAVE BREAST CANCER"





This could not be more shocking.  Other than when my dear friend Anita told me she had breast cancer of course.. but she is healthy now so another story for another time.

Ok, after the shock wore off and we cried together and I drove us to see her and got to hug her and hug Abby and Rodney and her Mom and Dad, well, after all that...

you know me!

Have to do something for Cheryl.

So this long drawn out post is to tell you about a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul that is going to have surgery on her beautiful boobies in just a few short days.


to spread the word about getting your boobies checked.


Join me to honor Cheryl on Jan 12th at 9:30 am. There will be a flash mob in her honor in the lobby of the Anaheim Convention Center to raise money and awareness for Be Aware Foundation  And I believe the very apropos named "Flat Cheryl" will be making an appearance which we are all laughing about because her surgery will be the day after the flash mob and if we don't laugh we will all cry.

You don't need to know how to dance, if you don't have an altered bra, just wear a pink tshirt
and read more here cause I have to go but I just wanted everyone to know what an amazing friend I have and that she needs your positive healing vibes right now.

You are like a sister to me Cheryl. Your family is like my family and don't worry about a thing because you know it is all going to be just fine.  Take that load off your shoulders, let us all hold you up and remember you are loved and you are never ever alone.

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

All of those beautiful pictures of Cheryl! She is definitely in my thoughts and heavy on my heart this weekend, because I know Monday is the day for her surgery. You are right! She is such a sweet soul! I love that you coordinated this event to help raise awareness!