Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free online class —make a glittery decoden box! UPDATE!!


Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka The Crafty Chica) is the guest artist for our first monthly online class for Virtual Wings members of the Charity Wings Art Center.

And guess what? We've decided to open it up to EVERYONE - you are all welcome to join us online for this first class, members and non-members alike. There will be prize drawings too, so don't miss this class!

It's happening TOMORROW NIGHT (rescheduled from last week due to tech issues), Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 6pm PT (9pm ET) in the Charity Wings Parlour.

They'll be teaching one of Kathy's latest crafty obsessions - glittery decoden. Kathy will show you a twist on this popular Japanese craft...using clear silicone instead of white and adding glitter!


To craft along with them, you'll need the following supplies:

  • DAP Alex clear silicone – you can buy this at most hardware and home improvement stores  Here’s a link to it at Sears so you can see exactly the product she’s referring to. 
  • Fine glitter – any craft store will carry this
  • Small trinket box – a plain wooden box, a mint tin, an old compact, any kind of similar item with a flat surface will work – try looking around your house for something you can fix up or head to your local craft or dollar store
  • Assorted miniature items – try craft stores, dollar stores, party supply stores….or raid your kid’s toy box :)
  • Gems/crystals – your local craft store should have some; check your dollar store too

Want a free online class like this from a new artist every month? Get yourself a Virtual Wings membership to the Charity Wings Art Center for only $10 a month.

You get lots of great member benefits, in addition to helping us to bring art into the lives of others who might not have it otherwise:

- 1 Kelly Lish "Fly" 5x7 signed print
- Annual Manufacturer sponsored gift (shipping/handling not included)
- Special member pricing for online events and classes
- 1 member visitor pass (In case you come to San Diego!)
- More free members-only manufacturer-sponsored classes with giveaways

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