Monday, July 8, 2013

Encaustic Mixed Media Class with Jessica Greene


Monday, July 15 AND
Tuesday, July 16
6pm - 9pm

Silver Wings and up: $65
Starter Wings: $78
Non-Members: $95

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($25 kit fee payable on the day of class)

Mixed Media Encaustic Play:  Hot wax plays nicely with a range of other mediums to provide stunning outcomes. In this class we will dive deep into exploring the best ways to marry various mediums with wax. We will play with watercolor, inks, mica powders, charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, and a little bit of oil paint. Then using colored encaustic paints, we will explore the use of stencils and masking to add depth and texture to the paintings. A bit of collage will also be included. By the end of class you will have completed 3-4 small paintings that capture the versatile nature of encaustic.

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Testimonials about Jessica’s classes:

"Jess Greene understands art and teaching so thoroughly. Her intro to Encaustics, “Technique Overview Extravaganza class was not only very informative and instructional, but also lots of fun and open to many styles of interpretation. Jess is incredibly inspiring and creative and transfers that enthusiasm and knowledge freely as a teacher. We 4 students in her workshop each came away with completely different results from the same guidance through the process. I plan to take more workshops from her."
- Mary W.

"It was more than I hoped for and expected.  I think it was your groundedness and confidence, Jessica, that made it all go so smoothly - like hot wax on a very absorbent substrate - us."
-Joyce R.

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