Thursday, June 16, 2011

Featured Artist-Paper Weaving Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!

I’m on the Design Team for a store called McMahon Five Designs.  I’m sharing a tutorial by my friend Sue, the owner of the store.

Real Wood Paper Weaving Tutorial
By Sue McMahon, McMahon Five Design
Description: started off with a piece scrap printer paper and applied a  horizontal strip of removable adhesive near the top/middle of the paper. I used this to hold the strips still while I was weaving.
The strips of real wood paper are ½” wide and the length varied as they are scrap pieces. I chose to work with 2 species: Cherry and Walnut. I laid the top section of the first piece of walnut vertically across the horizontal strip of adhesive. Then alternated laying down the Cherry and Walnut wood pieces.
I then used a piece of Walnut and wove it horizontally through the vertical strips. I slid it up as high as it would go. I next used a piece of Cherry and wove it over/under the opposite piece I wove over/under with the previous Walnut piece. I slid the Cherry piece up as close to the walnut piece. I repeated until the full length was woven.
Description: it was completely woven, I removed it from the white piece of paper and flipped it over. I secured the edges on the underside with Glue Dots.
Description: it was secure, I trimmed off the uneven edges. On this particular one, I did plan it out so the edges all were framed with the long strips being Walnut.
Description: I chose to use Real Wood Paper over cardstock or designer paper, the final results offer more dimension and texture in the project. That coupled with Earth Day, makes a GREEN/Earth Friendly project as well.
Description: is the Real Wood Paper woven piece placed on a folded piece of Cherry 2-Sided paper.
Description: is another sample of Real Wood Paper weaving where I chose random strips with no pattern in mind. I then used a heart stencil to trace the shape onto the weaving piece and cut out the heart shape.
Wood Paper Weaving Kits are available in the McMahon Five Designs store.
m5d_$10couponSue has graciously offered to giveaway a gift certificate to the shop in case you want to get some real wood paper of your own.  Or, you can get anything you want from the store!


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

I love it! I can;t wait to try it!

gsandoval said...

Super cute ideas! And don't seem too difficult.

BreAnn said...

This is great, Sue! I love the heart - super cute!