Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CHA Chicago - a BIG Thank You!

Last week, Charity Wings graced Chicago with its generous spirit by playfully invading the CHA floor!

Most of these wonderful volunteers flew in from sunny California to a torturous, muggy Chicago summer.  With almost every day reaching nearly 120 degrees (with the heat index) and the air feeling sticky the moment it hit you, this Chicagoan needs to applaud these ladies.  They were cheerful, welcoming and eager to get some fabulous speakers for the LIVE feed and for the eBay Auction.

The LIVE streaming event from CHA was one again a huge success.  The sponsors.....the uberly generous sponsors showed viewers some incredible new products and  techniques.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!


There are still some goodie swag bags left!  So if you missed the chance to participate in the live streaming and still want to play along, there is still time!  All of the streaming was recorded and is being posted for you to view at a time that is convenient for you.  Go here to buy a goodie swag bag

The eBay auction items should also be going up shortly.  There is a lot of good stuff! So get ready to start bidding!  All the proceeds from the eBay auction will be benefiting Acts of Simple Kindness.

It was a great week and I enjoyed having all the Charity Wings crew here in my home town.  Here's just another quick sample of some of the fun, creative and giving energy they brought to CHA.

Who else wants to make this!
You know you're in Chicago when you're greeted with a bagpipe salute!
The Princess and her Duct tape couture meet beautiful dress couture.
the pretty booth

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Kat Baker said...

Yes, very pretty booth. Great pictures.