Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's Featured Artist: Helen Slabodukh

We are so excited to bring a new "type" of tutorial to you this week.  We know that many of us (including our very own Elena) dabble in the super fun world of jewelry making.  Well, check out this super cute tutorial from Helen Slabodukh, Craft Project Coordinator for Blumenthal Lansing that combines paper-crafting and jewelry-making for a fabulous final result!

Button Charm Frame Pendant

I  was going through my box of jewelry components and for the longest time wanted to create a frame pendant  and now I have and I'm going to share with you the steps so that you to can create your own button charm frame pendant.  It's easy!

 MATERIALS: La Mode® #5125 - 2 buttons
                      La Mode® #49158 - 5 buttons
                      la petite #26 - 1 button

1 - Connector fame 3/4" x 1
4 - 4 mm jump rings
3 - 7 mm jump rings
Jewerly tools - flat nose & round nose pliers
wire cutter
rhinestone dangling earrings (16 pcs)
scrapbook papers; scissors
Epoxy 6000 glue  

I happen to have from my younger years a mismatched pair of rhinestone earrings  which of course came in handy such as today!  If you don't have a dangling pair - I'm sure there are many inexpensive pairs in jewelry shops...


With wire cutters - cut 16 rhinestone squares - trim if necessary.

Next - locate your glue - for this project I used Epoxy 6000 - now remember you will have to allow this to set for 24 hours before wearing. 

Before you begin make sure you have your 16 rhinestone squares - 8 for the top and 8 for the bottom.  Since these stones are small I relied on my flat nose pliers to help me.  

Run a small beam of glue along top - make sure to close the top of the tube it has a tendancy of being very potent!

Dont' worry you will have enough time to realign your stones if they seem a bit off!

Repeat the same procedure for the bottom.

If there are any loose threads of glue at this point pull them off.

One more step before you let this set dry. On my charm there happen to be a clear film strip so I opted to glue ontop my mini buttons:

With your Epoxy 6000 glue 4 buttons to acrylic film.  Remember 24 hours to have it dry.
Next step - pick your background for your pendant.  Trace, cut and slide under acrylic slide.

So now you are about to add your button charms.  Locate all your jump rings.  Using your jewel tools split apart your jump rings. You will use your 4mm jump ring with the La Mode#49158 buttons.  Use 7mm jump rings with the La Mode #5125.

Attach jump ring to top bail, add your favorite chain and you're ready to wear.  Make sure all your jump rings are all aligned properly  - before you put away all your tool ( I see that I will have to go back and fix that jump ring!). 

So start creating your own button charm frame pendant.  We invite you to post your photos on our facebook page! If you have any questions, comments email me and I'd love to hear from you.


Check back tomorrow for details on Helen's giveaway!


ida said...

are you selling these bec i would buy one!! or two or more!!

Kat Baker said...

What an adorable way to make a charming pendant. Love it!

puffinliz said...

Great pendant, and way to go green re-using your old earrings...

puffinliz at yahoo dot com

danette said...

Such a great idea. Oh and love all of their new buttons.......I love buttons.

Daydream_away said...

I started my creative journey as a jewelry maker. Jewelry making was my first love, so to speak. :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

What a wonderful project!!! Thank you for all the details!

Emily said...

OMG... this is sooooo gorgeous!!! I love it!!

Ladydoc said...

Lovely idea! THX for these instructions and THX for the chance at a great prize!

huntla1 said...

Lovely piece and great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

debpaint16 said...

I love this tutorial! What a great way to use our buttons & old jewelry, which I also have some old earrings that look just like that!!! That's why I never throw anything like that away!!! lol

Genie said...

Such a simple little thing can be used in such a pretty creative way. Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love how you up-cycled the rhinestone earring. What a fun way to use old buttons,too. This could be a memory box of sorts. Use buttons from a loved one's garment.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

bling and buttons! my kind of art! love it!

Karin Hall said...

SO ADORABLE .. I love it

l.m.b. said...

I love buttons! This is a beautiful piece, so fun, art to wear.

Sherry Fralic said...

I just love buttons, and what a beautiful way to showcase them (and wear them) !

chuy said...

very romantic!!!

Teri Daughter of The King said...

That is so stinkin cute. I love it. Great use of buttons.

Angie said...

This pendant necklace is adorable!! I needed a new idea for creating jewelry.. Thank you for sharing!

Jodie R said...

I love this pendant! It is so beautiful, but so easy! TFS!

A. Diaz said...

How Beautiful!!!!