Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hunger Relief for Somalia

I know that many of us were heartbroken by the images from the Horn of Africa a few months ago - the children, the was devastating to see.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media has moved onto other topics, but the hunger crisis in Somalia is not over.  It may have gotten some immediate relief with all the fundraising drives but more help is still needed.  In fact, they are projecting that the hunger crisis will worsen over the coming months due to high food prices, the poor July harvest, livestock dying and insecurity that limits humanitarian access to the region.

There is still much work to do and Charity Wings hopes you'll help us do our part!

During CHA Chicago, the very talented Crafty Chica decorated a footstool for The Upholstery Studio.  She asked the Upholstery Studio if they would consider donating the footstool to Charity Wings for a fundraiser, and of course they said yes!  It was very generous of them to do so, but they believed in what we do.

Charity Wings is currently raffling off the footstool to benefit the work of Action Against Hunger. Each raffle ticket is $5 or buy 6 tickets for $20 (that's two free tickets!). 

You can purchase tickets here until October 11, 2011!

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