Friday, March 16, 2012

Reader Highlight - Crop for a Cause: Making MS a Memory

As many of you know, my way of supporting Charity Wings from Chicago is by volunteering my time to blog about their causes and their great sponsors.

I've been blogging with Charity Wings since about 2010 (time flies!), and I've had the chance to hear from so many of you.  One of our readers, Margie Fugii Higuchi, who lives near me told me a about a great crop she participated in that raises funds for Multiple Sclerosis.  The 6th Annual Crop for a Cause: Making MS a Memory took place last weekend and it was a huge success.

This is Margie and I meeting face to face for the first time!

I was tickled to find out that the main coordinator of the event, Laura Machonis had actually volunteered for Charity Wings herself two years ago at CHA in Chicago. What a small world!

I know that Laura is not our only active reader, so please let us know if you're having an event that we can showcase!  It's always amazing to see how incredibly talented our members are, and it's even better when we can be a small part of it!  I got to benefit from the goodies you'll see below!

The event had an outstanding group of volunteers, giveaways, raffles and silent auctions.  And don't even get me started on the funny, fantastic and friendly group of participants.  Yup - they get the Triple F for FUN!

Superstar Volunteers

Goodie bags filled with so much stuff!

Free massages from Olympia - a five year sponsor of the event

this is only a PORTION of the raffles and silent auction items

Now for the drum roll for total funds raised......

Congratulations to Crop for a Cause....may your efforts continue growing to the point where you never have to host another crop for MS.  With efforts like yours, MS will one day be nothing more than a Memory!

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