Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Online Auction: Christy Thomlinson's She Art 1, She Art 2 AND Behind The Art!

Auction to benefit the Charity Wings Art Center. 
Closing Nov 2nd 8:30 PM PT
Live bidding will start at 8 PM PT in the Charity Wings Parlour (click here at 8PM PT to join the fun)

How to place a bid:
1) Leave a comment on this blog post with your bid amount and your email address. You must include your email address for your bid to be accepted.  You must increase your bid according to the amount stated under the starting bid below.
2) Join us on November 2nd in the Charity Wings Parlour to see how your bid is doing.  We will be closing the auction during the Dia De Los Muertos Party at Seaside Soiree.
3) SECRET BIDDING- If you will not be around for the LIVE closing, you can send us a "secret" max bid via email ( or Facebook message.  Like eBay, we will only bid up the items to your max bid as you are outbid.

Item #5
VALUE $150

A 3 week course
In this workshop, you will learn how to create unique and detailed  she Art girls, as seen in my art and mixed projects! I will also teach you how to create backgrounds, textures, and layering styles on canvases and other surfaces! You will walk away from this class feeling confident in creating your own personalized" She Art" pieces as well as having learned  new art techniques you can use in other mixed media projects! 

A 3 week course 
In this workshop, I delve more into the smaller details on how I make my She Art girls, including their hair, face, clothing,plus some really fun technique to make those even more unique!  PLUS I will go into how to create simple faces on your She ARt Girls!

This workshop is a 5 week workshop!!
I am TRULY TRULY passionate, excited, and giddy about this workshop because I have to say it will be my most comprehensive workshop yet as far my creating process, what products I use, WHY i used the products, HOW i use them, and more!
I will also have a few "guests" in this workshop that will give some insight into THEIR creating process as well! My Guest will be Danielle DanielNolwenn PetitBois,  and Junelle Jacobson! 

Your donation supports the our programs!
The mission of the Charity Wings Art Center is to be an inspiring place for people of all ages to Gather, Give Back and Create; as well as to partner with other charities to give free classes to those who can benefit from the Hope, Happiness, and Healing that art can provide!


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