Monday, November 8, 2010

The 3-Day Crop Meets Helene Barnes

I would love for you to meet Helene Barnes. 

Helene decided to participate in the 3-Day Crop because she watched a friend’s mother battle breast cancer going from a vibrant, energetic woman to a beaten down lady and back to the beautiful woman she once was.  Helene decided to attend this event because she could combine her passion for scrapbooking with raising money for such a worthwhile organization—a win win situation.  She doesn’t want to sit back and watch another woman suffer.

Helene has begged, borrowed and almost stolen to raise her money for the 3-Day Crop.  I say almost stolen because she works for her local city police.  She sent an email to her agencies entire email list asking for donations.  She hosted a silent auction at a scrapbook event in Palm Springs where she put together eight baskets containing some fun scrappy supplies that she donated herself.  Then to finish up, she went from desk to desk asking for donations!!!  What a gal!

She has attended other events hosted by Susan G. Komen and has raised $10,000 to date.  WOW!  I sit in awe!!!

Some of the ladies have not quite raised their money and we would love if you found it in your heart to donate.  Just click here to be taken to the donation screen where you can select which participant that you would like to support!  I’m sure Helene would love your donation!

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