Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super TERI-fic!!!!

Today's 3Day Crop participant introduction is for the super TERI-fic, Teri Kincaid!

Teri has joined the challenge to raise funds benefiting the Inland Empire Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. 

Her heart pulled her to the event after having volunteered with other Scrapbook Royalty events in the past. She not only had a great time meeting Sheila, Elena and Liz, she also knew that her participation in those events really benefited some incredible causes.

When the chance came to take part in a 3Day crop for breast cancer, Teri knew this was an event she could not and would not pass up.   

I am doing this for my grandmother who is a Breast Cancer survivor, myself who once had a breast cancer scare and all the daughters who may one day get this.  I want to help find a cure...I have had to work my tail off to raise this money, and I pray I am teaching my children that life is not just about self, it's about giving back to others.   

She also jokingly told us that she hopes the funds she raises help find a cure...well, that they support the scientific research that ultimately finds the cure.  Way to put it into perspective, Teri!  One never knows if that very next dollar bill will do exactly what you dream keep asking for more!!!

Though close to reaching her minimum goal of $2000...Teri really hopes to raise close to $3000!!!!!

I still need people's donations so if you have a few extra dollars or don't mind skipping a Starbucks run or two so you can donate, I would be very grateful.

However, don't even think that Teri hasn't been hustling to reach her goals.  She's been very creative....check out her many fundraising activities (definitely some out-of-the-box thinking!):
  • Hosted a Bunco night where she gave out prizes donated by local restaurants.
  • Sent and RESENT donation letters - Persistence should never be underestimated! 
  • Helped host a Pat and Oscars fundraiser night with Beth Oliver and distributed fliers all over Temecula for the vent.
  • Sold goody bags filled with great scrapbook prizes at the Dessert Scrappers week end retreat
  • Garage sales
  • Cupcakes sale - 2 of the cupcakes made were rainbow on the inside and, if chosen, resulted in a prize for the cupcake eater :)
  • Donated two raffle baskets to another Dessert Scrappers weekend retreat - raised over $100
An avid crafter of all-kinds (check out her etsy store sold section), Teri expects to spend the 3Day crop working on her kids' albums.  Though further behind than she would like to be (I think we can all relate to this statement) she knows it will be nice to reminisce in the memories.

Consider donating to Teri's campaign and help her reach her goal.

Happy Scrapping, Teri!

P.S.  I think you might need to teach us all how to make zipper flowers!  Super cool!!!

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