Friday, November 5, 2010

Cherlin Inkredible!!!

As promised, here is another sneak peek at one of the INKREDIBLE participants of the 3Day crop benefiting the Inland Empire Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. 

Today, we are happy to introduce Cheryl Lindsay, a talented needle-crafting artist who has joined the challenge to raise the required funds to participate in the 3Day crop.  We highly recommend taking a peek at her blog, Cherlin Ink, to view some of the samples of her unbelievable work. 

Not only is Cheryl inspiring as an artist, she's also a  
seven year breast cancer survivor! 
Outside of the obvious personal reasons for taking part in this multi-day crop, Cheryl states that she hopes her donated funds will be used to support the living needs of current breast cancer survivors.

To date, Cheryl has raised about half of her committed donation, but the donations are still coming in!  She's achieved great fundraising success by taking part in a silent auction and by sending out donation letters with a self-addressed stamped enveloped.  If you can help Cheryl reach her goal, please don't hesitate to contact her via her etsy shop and/or blog!

Though we described Cheryl as a talented needle-crafting artist, she has been paper-crafting since she was a child and has a particular passion for altered art.  Can't wait to see what she creates at the 3Day Crop.

Best of luck, Cheryl!   

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