Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cash Instead of Coffee UPDATE

CA$H Instead of Coffee
- By Rina Gonzales
Just over a week ago Elena posted on the Charity Wings Club T.L.C. Facebook Wall that she wanted to fundraiser for the tornado relief efforts.  I replied that we ought to have a “forgo your lattes” and ask for $10 donations with a specific target dollar goal.  Immediately Elena went into action to advertise a “Cash Instead of Coffee” Fundraiser (insert logo and link to page ) and within a few hours we were advertising and the donations were flooding in.

I am somewhat new to Charity Wings, but I am excited to be part of a group that is so “take charge” and seeks immediate results like the “Cash Instead of Coffee” Fundraiser.  Fundraisers such as this are great because of the immediacy, the news channel reports of devastation and apparent needs make you want to provide help if called upon (and I did just that by sending emails and asking colleagues to help with their $10 donations).  I am proud that within 7 days Charity Wings raised over $1,000 to send to AmeriCares – a relief effort that provides items such as bottled water, medical aid and other supplies to the tornado victims.  


I’m excited to see all the various ways that Charity Wings fundraises --- from this tornado fundraiser - to eBay Auctions where craft companies donate awesome new release products – to craft events and also membership in Club T.L.C.   There are tremendous opportunities to anyone wanting to get involved – and I’m so glad I did!!!  So Elena --- what’s next?  
Rina Gonzales is the Twitter Girl for Charity Wings and is a scrapbook fanatic.  Follow Rina’s crafty life on her Mothership Scrapbook Gal Blog or her Facebook Page and on Twitter at @CharityWings.

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Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

sooooo happy we made our goal!!